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The Photographer

As an observer of life, I see “photographs” in everything.

CJ O'Connor, PhD

The Advocate

I advocate for the elderly: to improve their health care, long-term care, and caregiving.

The Writer

I write articles, essays, blogs, and technical reports.

Professional Profile

CJ O’Connor is a health policy analyst, researcher, consultant, educator, and web developer. She is the editor of the Coos Community Hub website.

CJ has spent 46 years in the business world in the United States and Canada, working with profit and non-profit organizations, as a management consultant, educator, researcher, and planner.

She was employed at Arizona State University for 12 years in a variety of positions, including a member of the faculty in the W. P. Carey School of Business. She also served for three years as the Director of Research and Planning at the Area Agency on Aging in Phoenix, AZ.

Her degrees include a Master of Education from Columbia University, specializing in Counseling Psychology, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration from Arizona State University, with a specialty in Health Care Policy.

She works primarily with nonprofit organizations in Southern Oregon, helping them with strategic planning, grant writing, developing training programs, conducting program evaluations, developing online surveys, and designing websites. Visit her business website: Kilronan Consultants.

CJ currently lives on the Southern Oregon Coast.

CJ O'Connor

Living, Working, and Playing on the Oregon Coast